Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Playday Fun
Today was the day Chips had waited for forever... his friend came to play!
The two boys had a quick look round the toys and had a few goes on the wii and then we had a sandwich lunch.

All went well,the hammies behaved impeccably as they were picked up and down and down and up quite a few times,I was proud of you boys you never even nibbled the kids once! 

I lost my unbeaten record at Hoses and Ladders! This upset me greatly as I like to rule at that game!

Then we went for a walk in the forest.
It was a perfect forest day,blue skies and mild weather

We climbed over a stile and found a bit of woods to have adventures on

The boys trampsed through the grassy undergrowth getting stung by the occasional prickle and wobbling about on the very uneven ground.

They were both carrying sticks and having a good time waving them in the air,anything within a 100 mile radius was in severe danger of being clobbered.

They invented a machine which was called the 'catapulterer' and after a while they had refined its actions and it was able to launch its weapons ( otherwise known as sticks) a good distance.I love to see children play like this so I was watching them with interest.

We walked further and the boys had a ice cream and I had a hot chocolate which I forgot to stir and so all my yummy chocolatey bit was wasted at the bottom of the cup ~ what a wally!Ive regretted that all night!

We came home tired and happy and as I put Chips to bed he said what a happy day he had had.That made me smile.I hope he has gone to bed thinking happy thought and dreaming happy dreams.

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