Saturday, February 16, 2013

Friday Thoughts

Well that's the first half term off 2013 finished 'done and dusted said Chips as he walked home from school.

This half term has seen Chippie do yet some more SATS ~ don't we just love SATS... not.
We have had a snow day off ~ woohoo and spent quite a few school runs trudging through snow.I do think we have had more snow already this year than in recent years.I wonder if that will continue into the next half term.
He has done some fab work with spellings and has tried really hard on Matheletics.

His swimming is progressing steadily,so onward we plod with it.

Our hammies are slowly but surely getting sorted and still keep us amused with their antics!

My drawer that I tidied at Christmas is still tidy!This is a miracle!My cupboard that I tidied during January is still tidy!Perhaps Iam beginning to get on top of a few small things and if I keep going it may get better and better until I'm ultra organized! It's nice to dream!

It seems ages since Christmas but its only been one half term,yet again a case of time moving fast.

Now we have a week off to play,no school runs,no lunch boxes,no getting uniforms sorted,all things that make me happy.

I'm hoping for a bit of good weather so I can get out and blow some of these cobwebs away.I think a few good walks in the fresh air would do me good.

Tonight when Chips is in bed I'm just going to wallow and eat chocolate and play soppy music to my hearts content but then tomorrow it's time to put my house in order,please come and give me a kick if you see me wallowing for more than just tonight!

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