Monday, December 9, 2013

 Teeny Tiny Stuff
Recently I've been noticing that it truly is the little things that make me feel like I'm a good mum who is succeeding in looking after her precious boys.

I don't go around thinking hey look at me I'm a good mum and I never say to anyone guess what,I'm a good mum but deep inside I get a small satisfied feeling if I get certain things right or under control and I feel like I'm doing my job properly and Iam a good mum.

And these little bits I talk about are so tiny, it's amusing really. Let me tell you what makes me feel like a good mum.

The little blue freezer pack that I put in Chips lunch box. Yep,that makes me feel like I'm a good mum! If I get that frozen every night and ready to put in his lunch box I feel good inside. Infact it's this very item that started me noticing how much the little details of life meant to me as a mother. Yes. Just a little blue freezer pack. Funny,isn't it!

Then it would be the wrapping up stuff. Hats,gloves,vests,scarfs,all the trimmings that keep Chips warm when he's going to school on these frosty mornings. If he is all togged up I feel a sense of pride and I know I have done a good job and yet again I feel settled inside and I'm happy.

Added to the above would be the school shoes. A couple of weeks ago we lost/misplaced the school shoes. It led to a horrendous scene where I just literally melted down,I was going to be late for work,we had no school shoes,it was stressful to say the least. When the shoes were found,much later I add,I started to take extra special care of them. I polish them every night and this is really funny because I'm not sure why this is, but in a morning when Chips puts his shoes on it makes me feel good. I look at those shiny shoes and I feel warm inside.

I know this is mad really because none of these tiny things determine whether I'm a good parent or not but to me it must matter because I literally feel much better and happier with myself when the little bits are done.

I know this because of the other feeling,the awful bad mother feeling that I get if I forget to do something that I should have done. That feeling is the worst of all. Call it mother guilt or whatever,I bet every parent has had a good gulp from the bottle of bad parent juice. It tastes bitter,let me tell you and it's far more potent than any alcohol I've ever known. It gets right into your system and makes you feel bad all day long. And it also loosens your tongue and gives you the urge to shout out to everybody that you are a bad parent. Nasty stuff - parenting guilt. It occurs if you have forgot to fill a important school form in or if you have forgot to give your little one their inhaler or if you have sent your child to school with no gloves on a cold day or if you have forgot their PE bag. You may have done 1000 things right but just that one wrong brings parent guilt crashing down on you like a ton of bricks.

Luckily, I think most of us do more of the good parenting stuff and only have the occasional slip up.

Good job,isn't it, that the little things in life DO count!

My wrapped up kid.
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  1. Oh my gosh: I DO THAT!!! That exact same thing with the blue ice pack! I DO THAT! And feel the exact same feeling of mummy-based satisfaction! No warm ham for our little angels!

    Thank you, thank you for looking into my head, taking out the thoughts and writing them up in such a way as to make me feel like I'm not a lunatic at all, but a jolly conscientious mama! I bloomin' love you! I do!

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

    1. Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!! I bloomin love you too,missus! You know I nearly didnt publish this post because I thought it sounded a bit mad but now Im so glad I did because I now find out that Im not alone in my little good mama ways! All power to the little blue ice pack!!!!!!
      Thanks for commenting Kate,it has made me smile all night. Now what I'am doing is putting little Christmas jokes in Chips lunchbox....I 'am' a good mama *grins* X

    2. Well I am SO glad you did! I've been chuckling to myself every morning when I go and get the little frozen ice pack! And I am definitely copying the jokes idea, LOVE that!

    3. Me too Kate! Its made me really smile whenever I put the little blue ice pack in Chips lunch box!And I imagine Biscuits beautiful chilled box too now :-) And the jokes are going down so well,I feel super dooper good mummy these days!Well i do when I see the boootiful lunch box.I will be going for a A Level in lunch box making soon! xx

  2. Absolutely, the little things in life do count!

    1. Isnt it funny Ann that the little things DO count! Not the flash holidays or big expensive toys but the everyday care shown to people means far more in the end. And Im finding that in most situations,even tough spots,beauty can be found,if you look hard enough. Thank you for commenting x

  3. You are most definitely a good Mum! It is definitely the little things that make us think that. I am not the best Mum in the world but I tell my children I love them every single day. For that I am a good one! ;)

    1. Thanks Katie,isnt it funny what things make us feel like good mummies!And it is so very important to me to be a good mummy. Thanks for hosting such a lovely linky