Monday, December 16, 2013

The sixteenth of December,a date that always sticks in my mind.

21 years ago it was the due date of my first baby and even after all these years I still pause and think on the sixteenth of December.

To be honest the details of that day are sketchy. I can't remember too much but what I can remember is standing gazing out of my bedroom window. The day was grey. Not a remarkable day at all. But I knew that very soon my life would change beyond recognition.

And I can remember thinking its the sixteenth,where is my baby. I knew full well that most babies don't come on their due dates but it did feel strange to have that much awaited for date come and then go without a little baby appearing.

I guess the feeling was one of waiting,feeling very apprehensive about what was about to happen and so very excited to become a mummy.

I didn't have to wait too long. On the seventeenth of December I went for a routine hospital check and got admitted with pre-eclampsia and four days later my baby boy was born.

So for twenty years we have celebrated a very special birthday on the twentieth of December but still every sixteenth of December I remember standing at that window and waiting.

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