Monday, December 30, 2013

Dear Tigs - Manchester
And so young Tigs you find yourself in Manchester for the New Year.

Miles away from home.

As I walked home tonight, I thought about you,miles away from us,in a different city even.

And I smiled and wondered about what you would be seeing. What would be the same as it is here and what would be different. Will the lights be brighter up there?Will it be more fun?More trendy?Do you even say trendy these days...probably not!I imagine it will be busier where you are,much busier.

Last year you spent New Years Eve at a function nearby but you have always spent New Years Day at your Mammas,sat at that ever expanding dinner table,scoffing a gigantic dinner down you.

Boy,you will be missed.

Missed that much I can't begin to describe it.

But this is not why I wrote this,I don't want to go down the route of oh no my boy has gone,no,I wrote this to say that Iam smiling at the thought of what you might be up too and what you might be experiencing. I'm glad you have grown up independent enough to venture out to places out of your comfort zone. I'm happy to see you make adventures for yourself. I'm pleased that you are doing the young and going to have fun thingy
I swear down Tigs now is the time to do this kind of stuff. You have a bit of money in your work spend it as you wish. Your responsibilities are few,as of yet....make the most of this...stay up late,get up late,be frivolous while you can....later on in life this may not be so easy.

I watch you and smile,please know that.

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