Tuesday, December 10, 2013

 Listening To The Children Sing
For weeks now I have been in the middle of Christmas Concert season and it's a pretty magical place to be.

Chips school are doing a panto this year,oh no they're not,oh yes they are!The boys faces were a picture when we first pulled that phrase out! They couldn't believe we knew some of the panto words.Ah boys,you don't live this long without knowing a few tricks! It's actually called Panto Pandemonium and it has a witch in it. I already have my tickets,they are stuck firmly to the fridge,worth more than gold dust those tickets are. Chips is in the choir and he seems to be really enjoying all the practising,he already knows some songs off by heart and I love to hear him sing them and quote lines from the panto.I can still remember the special feeling at school when Christmas approached and I hope Chips feels the same tingly excitement.

He waits with me over at the infant school in a morning for a short time and I think he was amazed at how beautifully the hall is decorated. Even I cannot believe just how big their tree is,it's massive,so to a child how huge must that tree look. Yesterday he asked if he could have a walk around while I was busy in the classroom and I think he was on the lookout for Christmas,it made me smile.

There are quite a few different concerts going on in school ~ Oopsy Daisy Angel is the one I hear most but I also get to listen to the year twos nativity concert and the year ones concert and I bet over at nursery they are singing nursery classics such as Twinkle Twinkle and When Santa Got Stuck Up The Chimney.

You can hear the children singing all morning long as each class are practising like mad so that they can be ready for the big day. When I take the registers to the hall,when we are working in the shared area,when I'm organising the milk,when we go for lunch,there is just the constant sound of children's voices singing sweetly. And it makes me feel very Christmassy and very lucky to be able to be a part of such a important time of year for all children - Christmas.

Christmas time in school can be stressful but it is also magical. Working with four year olds is great,they are just that bit older and they are beginning to really appreciate Christmas but they are still so very innocent. Their eyes shine brightly at any mention of Santa. Their little voices get so excited as they speak of the north pole and Christmas trees. It's gorgeous to see.

So,all you mums,dads and grandparents out there,get ready, because soon it will be your turn to go and watch your little angels preform to you. Get your cameras sorted and bring plenty of tissues because you know you will blub! It's almost mandatory to have a few tears after all. 

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