Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Splashy Smiles
Wrapping up makes me smile. Whether its pulling my dressing gown tightly around me when I get up in a morning or putting gloves and hats on Chips - I like wrapping up....a lot.

Seeing everybody's reactions to Baby B's surprise visit. It certainly sparked the afternoon up! I saw a lot of love surrounding that little baby and he is a scrumptious smudge!Its lovely to see him when he's awake,he was really gazing at people.

Sat in the dark and listening to the radio,writing blog posts makes me smile.I know Sharky finds this very bizarre but I love the feel of the radio playing and the quiet of the house before everyone wakes up. It gives me time to clear my head before the rush of the day begins ~ a bit of peace listening to my beloved radio. Bliss.

Surprise gifts from my eldest son really make me smile and the smile stays put for a long time! A cup for me and the cutest minion hat,glove and scarf set for Chips. And as always with these sort of gifts...it's the thought that counts. The thought is way more special than even the gift itself. Thanks Tigs,you are a superstar.

Watching Harry Potter movies on a Saturday afternoon is making me smile. Me and Chips sit cuddled up on the sofa and watch good versus evil.Chips is beginning to get to know some of the characters and we enjoy eating a pizza tea whilst watching our hero conquer the baddies. This is a house where Harry Potter rules!


  1. Hanging out with Harry Potter in the afternoon is one of my favorite things in this world.

    1. Kate,Harry Potter is just the thing for a rainy Saturday afternoon,isn't it :-)