Monday, April 7, 2014

 We Are Buds
We are buds,you and me. 

We have adventures together. 

We wander off to parks and forests and we walk along river banks. 

We clamber over rocks,swapping roles of who is leading,time and time again - who wobbles most.... you or me?

We have cake bar picnics sat on benches,watching the river flow by and then we get mucky,dirty hands as we dig for stones to throw into the water,forever trying to make the biggest,bestest splash. 

We sit on roundabouts together,getting dizzy as they spin around,and we swing backwards and forwards on the swings,seeing how high we can get and how hard we can push our legs out and in and out and in,forever trying to catch the elusive swing rhythm that as of yet manages to evade us.
We go to parks a lot.

We walk along pavements,chattering about F1,buses,the Xbox,aeroplanes,clouds,you climb on walls,I hold my breath and watch you go.

We visit pound shops and choose sweeties to scoff on the journey home - wine gums rule!

We play the colour car game - we play to win. I never knew there were so many silver cars in the world...I do now! And you cheat and pretend white is silver and I say that Im not playing anymore and you laugh and say sorry,and I carry on playing.

Indoors we build with Lego,none of us are natural builders but we still plug on and build. I build houses and dens and you build towers and meticulously count how many bricks you can fit together before the tower collapses into a brightly coloured heap of bricks.

I read you stories,we both love books,and now you read me stories - how cool is that.

I pretend to eat you up and you squeal and say no. I have done this forever,I will be sad when it stops. I say ''Go on...just one curl,'' and you give me such a fiery look that I collapse into do not. 
Mummy is a tease,isn't she.
I also try to sneak a piece of your brekkie each morning,you look at me with those flashing eyes and scold me so sharply and then as I walk away you say "Oh go on then,'' and hand me a cheerio,cornflake,shreddie or rice krispie.
And I smile. As I have just mentioned,Mummy is a tease.

I take you swimming every week,we stand in those hot,hell like little cubicles getting proper wound up,me trying to keep calm under severe provocation and you snapping like a snap dragon at me. As for the swim hat....who hates it or me...
And yet we are both so proud of what you do at swim lessons and your swimming achievements that we wouldn't have Thursdays any other way - with a sausage roll tucked into your pocket and that wet curly hair of yours we rule those changing rooms.

I tuck you into bed each night,sometimes frazzled by the days events and I kiss you goodnight and walk out of your room desperate for space to clear my mind after a day filled to the brim with busy,but I only get to the end of the landing before I go back to your room to say yet another na nites and to kiss you again,because,you and I are buds you know,let that always be so.


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    1. Hannah your comment made my evening! Thank you so much for your kind words. My middle son grinned at my reaction to your comment!
      Chips 'is' my little bud,we do such a lot together and the weekend before he turned ten I just sat down and wrote this post straight down,it actually means a lot to me xxx

  2. Lovely. Made my day brighter! #pocolo

    1. Thank you!Its one of those posts that I know I will look back on in later years and smile x

  3. Oh, such a beautiful post. Full of love and l like the 'buds' x

    1. Morning,thank you for your lovely words. This was a post that just literally wrote itself. I just sat down on a Sunday night after a trip to the park and wrote it. Heartfelt I guess :-)

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment,Im a soppy old thing,who just adores her boys :-) x

  5. What a beautiful post. I was in the Supermarket earlier watching an old lady who was obviously lonely. I believe that will never happen for me now I have Grace :) Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

    1. Thanks Vic :-) we all sure love these kids of ours,don't we! X