Monday, April 14, 2014

 Splashy Smiles
Let's dig deep and find some smiles

Tennis balls ~ how they fit snuggly into pockets and can be carried around unbeknown to any adult,even to school and eventually after a day and a half in the school playground finally get lost over the tall iron fence where the construction work is taking place. At least they have had their moment of glory and in May,when the construction work is finished,Chips thinks he will get the ball back. I don't quite share his belief. We shall see.

Spring flowers ~ so bright and cheery,on days where the sun shines brightly and days when it doesn't.

Chips' swimming ~ the most perfect breaststroke he has ever achieved! Arms and legs together in synchronisation - circle arms and froggy legs,brilliant.

And lastly a few lines for my boy ~

"Little chocolate faced boy,playing catch on the street,
How many times did it land at our feet?"

The answer is full of giggley sighs and smiles and lots of bending down to pick up a ball.

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