Saturday, April 19, 2014

I'm really noticing and appreciating just how pretty spring is this year. Maybe it's the beautiful weather we are having. Whatever it is,the colours of Spring seem extra bright this year,the yellow flowers dotted around,the pink blossom in the trees and the greenness of the trees as their leaves grow back,it's all so very beautiful.

We went for a walk around a country park yesterday and it was stunning. Here are the photos to prove it. 

The boys ran around after a football,one blasting the ball high and the other chasing after it and yelling pass. That ball was kicked as high and hard as it possibly could be,it's a good job the field was big and the older boy could control it.
We sat in a cafe and were treated to a cup of tea and a sausage roll. Cup of teas in cafes always taste even better than normal,so sat drinking a cafe cup of tea on a sunny day with people I love was pretty blissful. As for the sausage roll.....yummo.
The water splash
How the kids wait for a big splash
Here they got it!
Someone sneaked their big bro's cap. In the rush of getting ready I never really noticed what had happened and just thought 'nice cap.' II turned out to be a limited edition lots of money cap,which was sat on the head of a little boy who was intent on rolling around everywhere. It survived though! Maybe I should get my brain to register the cap situation more closely next time!

And so I watched the little boy dressed all in red feed ducks,exclaim excitedly over young ducks,sneak up the abbey steps and nearly (accidentally) drop the ball on someone's head,eat a drippy,sticky ice cream,try to spit his drink out when he was walking around the paths "Well 'real' footballers do" (thanks a lot highly paid footballers who spit on the pitch) laugh at cars going through the water splash (forever waiting for the biggest splash) and generally have a good time out with his family.
And the other boy....always makes me smile when he's out...running fast,jumping high,nothing changes,he may be older and a lot taller and drink tea instead of pop but I still see what I have always seen and yes,that always makes me smile,may it never change.

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