Tuesday, April 22, 2014

During the Easter Holidays Chips and I went a walk around the village and woods where Robin Hood used to live.

It was a lovely spring day and we had such a good day exploring the village and wandering around the forest,spotting signs of Robin Hood 
wherever we could.

On the village high street is this statue of Robin and Maid Marian
And further up the street is the church where it is said that they were married.

We walked through the forest and eventually came to where the Major Oak was stood.

And I told Chips about when I was a little girl,all those years ago,we were allowed to go inside the Major Oak and look around. I can remember going inside it and peeking around. I think I remember a upstairs or at least a upper level. And I did go inside the tree more than once.

These days you cannot get near the tree. It is all barricaded off. You can't even touch it,never mind go inside it. I feel quite lucky that I did go inside the tree and a little bit sad that my boys have never even touched this piece of history.
Chips wondered if these holes were the bedrooms...maybe...who knows...

What tales that tree could tell! If only trees could talk.
The love birds - Marian and Robin!
It was a blossom type of day - lovely

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