Saturday, December 6, 2014

Been wanting to write something for ages. Each day I think to myself that after I have put Chips to bed I will sit down and write a blog post.

Eight o'clock comes....I sit down,and I'm absolutely too tired. I fall to sleep or I just sit there in a semi comatose state. Needless to say,no blog post gets written.

So tonight I'm just going to go for it and write about whatever comes into my head,with a view to posting it goes...

It's nearly Christmas,well it's nearly December,this means a few things.

1. It's my biggest boys birthday in three weeks! Always something to make me smile. I adore having a Christmas baby,well maybe I should rephrase that to I adore having a son with a birthday at Christmas,maybe that's a post in itself. But to me he will always be a Christmas baby,even though he's six feet tall and 22 years old this can that be....a case of blink your eye I guess. My mum was smiling about that fact this week. It kind of wows us all.

2. I work in a school so Christmas is busy but great too! The children's excitement about Santa is contagious,there is music constantly throughout the day as the children practice their concert songs and there is always chocolate in the staff room....say no more.

3. My middle son breaks up from uni soon!!!! *starts to squeal quite loudly* I can't quite comprehend that he will be at home for a month. This is huge for me. My boy is back. Well nearly.

We are still plodding our way through Harry Potter. 3/4s of the way through book four,getting to the bit where all the questions begin to get answered. We are still loving it and I can see us carrying on to book five when we have finished this one.

So,a few reasons to be smiley.


Well this didn't get posted the next day!

Five days later and still this post is kicking around in the drafts section,with all the same above reasons for not getting posted.

Maybe I shall really,really get my act together and post this up tonight.


We will see!


Third time lucky! 

Posting right now! 

Just a week late!


  1. This made me laugh I have lots sat in my drafts too! It's too cold at my PC and too annoying given my wires and phone refuse to connect I cannot wait until I get a laptop this xmas! happy early birthday wishes to your son and enjoy their visits from uni my sister is back soon can't wait xxx

    1. Hello Hannah! Glad I made you smile! I'm trying hard to actually post some of my ramblings,instead of just leaving them in the drafts folder!
      I have loved your latest posts and I do intend to comment on them,as always I have a fair bit to say :-)
      The new laptop sounds great! Bet you cant wait!
      And Iam SO loving having my uni boy back at home,my smile is as big as anything,I hoe you enjoy seeing your sister again xxx
      Right back to researching World War Two - deep joy! x