Friday, December 12, 2014

This week I have been reminded that;

Sweeping leaves up on a windy day is pretty near impossible

Even the tinsiest drop of surplus water will make mixing icing sugar pretty impossible. Hence the use of a whole box of icing sugar and lots of stirring.

Buying enough cream cakes for the family becomes very unhealthy when you end up eating more than one just because the date is running out.

How powerful book four,in the Harry Potter series,is. Wow! It's been brilliant! And the last two chapters that we have read were incredible. The amount of detail and the twists and turns of the plot had us both spellbound.
 We were wowed.
Unbelievably I had forgotten some of the plot too! I truly did not know what was coming and that was good in way and funny in another,because how could I have forgot something like that...? This brings me to say....write it down folks,write those memories down any way you care to,be it a blog,a diary,a old scrappy notebook,because memories do fade and we can forget stuff quite easily,even of we think we never will.

Having a project deadline anytime in December is going to be stressful. How can you think about Christmas when you are researching Hitler and Messerschmitts.
 Yep,I can spell Messerschmitt without even looking if up #proud


  1. Oh lots of thoughts! I've started reading HP again I love it but watching the films I had a few of those moments too last night was half blood prince and I was confused between that and the next one haha xx

  2. Hopefully you've made it through to the end of term with your christmas spirit undaunted by messerschmitts and with lots of Harry Potter!

  3. I make cakes and icing sugar is the devil isnt it lol. Flies up and laids in everywhere lol