Monday, December 8, 2014

The Christmas Fair
The dear old school Christmas fair.

So crowded and squashy and hot.

For adults a place of trauma.

For children a place of joy.

Sweet stalls full of pick and mix.

Games to play.

And teachers dressed up as Santa,handing out chocolate.

What's not to like!

For me the best bits were;

The homemade mince pies made by Sally the cook.

Seeing old familiar faces and mouthing ''Hello'' across the crowded hall.

The choir singing sweetly as we entered the school.

The smiles of the teachers as they manned the stalls,they probably just wanted to get home after a full day at work but they were so cheerful and the children loved seeing them selling the yummy scrummy Christmassy stuff.

After the initial mad rush of people had died away it became easily to maneuver around the hall and I had a look at the trophy cabinet and saw Chips name on the wall where all the children awarded the Maths Wizard award were written. I also saw his year five class photo up on display. I always like going into junior school,it has a nice atmosphere and the children are always so polite and friendly.

It was probably more poignant this year because it was the last junior school Christmas Fair that I would be going to.

Yes,after many years of attending events like this.the end is nigh.

This is Chips last year at juniors.

Year six.

Next year comprehensive school beckons.

And I have no more boys to go to junior school or Infant school or nursery.

All my boys are growing up.


As children do.

Hola Hum.

Time to remember the promise I made to myself a long,long time ago.

"Be happy with this amazing chance to do all the stuff you love again. Don't look back and be sad because he is your last child,be grateful that you have got the special gift of a third child."

As with lots of wise words,they are easier said than done.


  1. Lovely post :) I love the Christmas fete, we are still at the beginning of primary school but I know that the years are going to go so fast.

    1. Hello Jennifer :-) yep those years certainly fly by.... I think that's why a blog is so good as a keeper of the memories. Thanks for your comment,it did make me smile x