Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Weekend.

Weekends are busy around here.
We fit in shopping, swimming,walking 
and getting everything sorted for the week ahead.
Sharky comes back from uni and works long hours
and then he goes back to uni, usually very tired.

Grandparents pop in on flying visits and we usually see quite
a bit of the older boys and their girlfriends. 
It is a nice family time,but very hectic.
Definitely a busy household.

We sit glued to the television watching Strictly 
and any sport that might be on and there is always sport on our television.
Every. Single. Day. 

This weekend was even more hectic than usual 
because it was Bonfire Night.
I did a little bonfire tea and I was proud because I 
made real mushy peas, just like the ones my grandma 
used to make and after a few moments of thinking that they had 
gone very wrong it all turned out ok and they actually tasted like real.
proper mushy peas. I was proper proud.

We went to a bonfire party which had so many people there it was unbelievable.
It was said on Facebook that over 4000 people attended it.
I'm not totally sure about that number, yes it was busy,
but I think 4000 people may be a slight overestimation.
It was good to see a big bonfire, it was so bright and very smokey.
We still have some sparklers to do, when we get a moment.

And now its Sunday afternoon and I still have plenty of jobs to do.
I'd better get on and do them!

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