Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Ball.

It strikes me how still it is as I walk outside so early in the morning,
when I guess most things are still as the world has not quite woken up yet.

There it is on the patio and for a moment it almost takes me aback,
the stillness of it compared to last night.

Last night this ball whizzed through the air at a hundred miles an hour,
or so it seemed at the time!

Accompanied by lots of movement.
Two boys darting around.
Lots of laughter, lots of shrieking,lots of noise.

The sound of that ball being bounced up and down on the concrete drive
and the ear jarring noise it made as it hit the garage door instead
of going in the basket ball net.

It went everywhere.
On the garage roof, over the neighbours fence, on me,a innocent bystander,
who was just watching the mad, frenzied game of late night basketball.

Just a 99p ball from Morrisons but it was worth every penny and more
as I watched my eldest and youngest play together.
The sound of laughter, the boisterous nature of two boys playing together.
Much different to when mum plays a genteel game of 
Lets see who gets up to five.

This was fast and furious, noisy and rough.
You had to have your wits about you or you would be hit 
on the head by a flying ball at great speed.

Boys,its a long time since I saw you play like that,
you sure made me smile.

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