Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What We Are Reading #1
I have been wanting to join in with this linky for ages.
It is hosted by Carie from Space For The Butterflies 

Every Tuesday she invites people to link up and tell each other what books they are reading.

Last night was quite special here.
It was the night the bedtime stories began again.
 After a break of four months!

Due to my eye operation bedtime stories had been put on hold.
Well any reading has been put on hold.
And for bookworms like me and my son,this has been hard.
I have wanted to read and he has wanted to listen.

We had not abandoned books entirely.
 Chips carried on reading Harry Potter.
Doing a sterling job of reading book five The Order Of The Phoenix
And then starting book six The Half Blood Prince.

And we spoke about books.
And I kept up with supplying Chips with good reading material.
Because as you might already know,bookworms devour books at a rapid speed

But nothing is quite the same as a bedtime story.

And the story I chose was 

Jacqueline Wilson is an author that I really like.
I have not read many of her stories to the boys mainly because 
usually her main characters are girls (don't hate me for saying this)
but at a certain age my boys preferred books where there were more boy
characters or at least a good mix of boy/girl roles.

We did read Cat Mummy.
It made me weep buckets!
What I remember about Jacqueline Wilson 
is that she writes about the nitty gritty stuff of life.
Which may be a bit uncomfortable to read sometimes
but also throws up brilliant topics for discussion and this is 
happening already as this book touches on the subject of blended families.

This is the main reason 
that I chose to read this book to Chips.
Its contemporary and miles away from magic and wands
 (I'm starting to grin now as I could be very wrong about the magic)

Don't get me wrong.
I adore magic and wands.
But we have been reading that in abundance.  
And I thought something different might be just the thing.

Right...the characters...

Rosalind is the eldest child and she tells the story.
She does not really like being the eldest child.
She really misses her mum and dad being together
and she likes to read - a lot!

Robbie is Rosalind's brother.
He seems quiet.
He is scared of his step sister 
and likes to carry a collection of toy animals around with him.

Smash is Rosalind and Robbie's stepsister.
She is trouble!
Loud and brash and totally aggravating
She seems to be desperate for her mums approval
and has a real soft spot for her baby stepsister.

Everybodys step-sister.
The baby of the family
and much loved by everybody! 

Smashs' mum
She seems a dubious character!
She does not seem to like children or walks or mess.
Will she change?

Rosalind and Robbies dad -married to Alice.
He tries hard to bring all the family together.
Will he succeed?
 The Story So Far

All the children are staying at Rosalind's dads house.
Its overcrowded and much to Rosalind's dismay there is no privacy at all.
Smash is already causing trouble...
biting Robbies precious animals and provoking Rosalind into pushing her over.
Their dad decides that they should go out together on a walk.
And so they all trek to a local wood.

And that is where we got to!

Isn't it amazing how much you can pick up from just one chapter!

I'm looking forward to seeing how the book develops.

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  1. That sounds like a great book. I've not yet read any Jacqueline Wilson, her books came out after I was the right age for them and my girls aren't quite big enough yet but she seems to have a massive fan following and I'm looking forward to discovering a bit more about her books in the next few years.

    1. Hiya Carie,sorry for such a late reply but this is the first time that I have been on my laptop since I wrote this post and joined in with your linky. Im afraid that I over did it and my eye let me know in no uncertain terms that I had done too much and needed to step away from the laptop for a while.
      I loved doing this book review though and hope to join in again when my eye is a bit better x

  2. Oh I can only imagine how difficult it's been to not be able to read! I'm so glad that you're on the mend now and that you've decided to join in with Carie's linky! It really is a good one and I'm planning on joining in again soon too. :-)

    I do like how Jacqueline Wilson isn't afraid to deal with tricky subjects and to tell things like it is. I'm looking forward to being able to share them with Bubs.

    1. Hi Vickie! I'am so sorry for my mega late reply but its like I said to Carie,I think doing this review made me realise that my eye is not up to prolonged staring at a laptop just yet and since then I have not opened my laptop at all!
      It has been difficult not reading,as always,we dont know how much we take things for granted until they are not there and then we soon find out! I'm really looking forward to getting a new book to read!And I really have missed reading to my son.

      Jacqueline Wilson is a brilliant author and this book is still keeping me and my son absorbed ~ its fantastic to read at bedtime again (even if it does wear my eye out a bit) X