Monday, April 13, 2015

Easter Hols - Part One
Well we are half way through the Easter holidays,eek.
It feels like it has been the Easter hols for a long time though.
What with Sharky breaking up a week earlier,it will mean a month of 
one or another of the boys being on holiday,which of course I adore.
I always want these boys of mine at home whenever possible.
We are still surrounded by Easter eggs.
I don't think that we have had as many Easter egg as this for years - if ever!
Even now I'm astounded by the amount of eggs that we have got left
and believe me there has been some serious chomping of chocolate going on here. I think we had more eggs than Asda did!

Easter day itself was lovely.
We had a early egg hunt,followed by a chocolately breakfast
and a laze around in our jammies and then it was off to my mums for dinner.
the dinner was huge and scrummy and i could eat it again right now!
It is so nice to have a dinner put infront of you,I don't think the novelty 
of that will ever fade.
The children played nicely together.
Chips played a epic game of Ludo,this game either makes or breaks you.
I think its the time it takes that leaves everyone mentally scarred,
but hey,Chips loves it!
My little toddling second nephew entertained us with his cuteness.
He is just adorable and never fails to make me smile.
We stayed for tea and that was yummy too.
The dessert I chose was called 'Eat and Mess' and mmmmm is all I'm going to say about it.
A big thanks to my mum for putting on such a fantastic day for 
all the family,we really do appreciate it. 
Thinking back I have just found a old post from 2013 about
going to my mums for Easter dinner it seems its a real tradition for us.

On Monday we went for a walk around a local country park.
It was a sunny day and the park was absolutely packed out with people and dogs. I think everyone had taken their dogs for a walk that day.
 It was a beautiful day and a beautiful setting.
 Chips played football with his dad and had a lot of fun throwing sticks 
and stones into the lake - he got very grubby hands!
 The next few days were a mix of hairdresser and dentist appointments.
I also bought Chips some tee-shirts,which we were both pleased with.
Thursday was a big day.
The boys went up to Liverpool  and went on a tour around Anfield.
This was Chips birthday present from his big brother,so it was very special.
They all had a great time and came home safe and sound and very tired!

Friday was spent catching up on school is taking shape,
doing numerous amounts of washing  (seriously where does all the washing come from) and just chilling out after the day at Liverpool.
The boys played on the wii together and fun was had.

So that was our first week of the Easter hols.
Today Sharky goes back to uni,he will be missed and that is a complete understatement.
Chips and I have another week off - lets see what we get up too!


  1. My sister goes back to uni tomorrow which is always sad, I don't want to think about mine growing up! Your Easter sounds so nice Jess we had a lovely family dinner too if only I had all the chocolate still! Xx

    1. Thanks Hannah :-) I really miss my boy so much when he is away at uni,not long till they break up for summer though! Im on countdown for that!
      Im glad that you had a nice family dinner too,its nice to gather around family isnt it xx