Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Weekend Post #1
Yipes I know the weekend seems far,far away,
but here are some snips and snaps from our weekend

 It was very damp,showery weekend.

But that did not matter too much.
What did matter was that we had four days off!
Yep,four days!
Four days to relax and be with our family.

We got the homework out of the way on the first night off.
 This was a first!

Then we spent the whole weekend relaxing.

 I wish there were more four day weekends!
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  1. Wow that blossom is gorgeous! It looks like you had some lovely sunny spells. Hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for linking up xx

    1. Thanks for commenting Harriet. The blossom was so lovely but a couple of days after I had taken these photographs we had terrible rain and the wind blew all the blossom down! Good job I had the photos!

  2. Oh what beautiful pictures - you have a stunning spot to explore!

    1. Carie your comment meant such a lot to me because I love this spot but lots of people will probably not even notice its potential because its a tiny little overgrown patch near our house. Isn't it lovely though when you look carefully x