Sunday, January 12, 2014

School News #1
So a different date to write on top of the school work - 2013 gone - welcome 2014.

We are now half way through the school year,yep that's flown hasn't it! Up here we have two short half terms to do and then Easter. Funny isn't it that we are welcoming a new year in but the academic year is already half way through.

It's been a hard push for us to get back into the school routine. We are tired,mornings have not run smooth,tempers have been a tad sizzly and emotions have been bordering on teary and I'm not clarifying just who I'm talking about here!

But back to school it is.

Big news this week from Chips neck of the woods is that there is a new boy in his year. This has kept Chips and his friends talking. A new boy is a big deal when you're nine.

And talking about being nine,the other subject that has been cropping up constantly is 'birthdays.' Lots of children are turning ten this term and the talk is parties. And what parties they are talking about! Trips to Lego Land which is miles away from us,many,many hundreds of miles away from us. And someone is talking about taking a friend to Florida at Christmas,hmmm. Where else can they think of for parties and trips out? It IS Chips birthday this term though so he is beginning to plot and plan adventures. Maybe his mummy needs to get her thinking cap on.

Funny bit of walky home school run chatter was my definition of J's fab Christmas present - the iPad Air got rechristened the Air Pad i! This made the kids giggle! Aren't mummies daft sometimes!

All the paraphernalia of school is drifting in as well. Namely,homework. We have spellings back,maths homework and wait for it..... a new extended homework project,. It's about The Victorians this time. Please let me be organised this time,please let us do this project with grace and not with a sense of dread as the deadline looms. We will see!

Chips has new people on his table,it seems Mr P has had a shuffle round,I'm hoping the children gel and are able to work happily together ~ fingers crossed for this.

We are also dealing with card swapping. This is a tricky business and needs to be handled with care otherwise someone comes out of it feeling like they have been had and at home we don't want it to be young Chips yet again. It's causing quite a few headaches at the moment as we try to explain how to be a successful 'swapper.' Not easy for a innocent young kid especially when faced with street wise peers. Tricky.

Oh and we have a new coat. It's big and chunky and Chips looks as snug as a bug when he puts it on. I'm really pleased with it. And in this weather it's needed! It's been so cold this week and most days we have had rain,so that cost makes me feel happy as I know that Chips is as protected from the elements as possible. What with his big coat,scarf,gloves and snowman hat there's not much of Chips you can actually see! And he is wearing it all. He walks up to me at 3.15 all togged up,his mate is still just wearing his jumper and putting his coat in his bag,I wonder how long it will be for our new coat to be unceremoniously pushed in the school bag,maybe it's too big to push in there or maybe it's the new factor. Nice to see him in it though,if somewhat unusual.

So thats week one done and dusted,only five more to do until half term!

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