Saturday, January 11, 2014

Magic Gravy
My Aunty used to make magic gravy. It was the most delicious gravy that I had ever tasted. And as a little girl I used to think it was magic.

It was better than any gravy I had ever tasted before. I loved it. Nobody made gravy that was as nice as my auntys magic gravy. Not anybody.

Now I think I know a bit more about the making of 'magic gravy.'

It was indeed made with meat juices and it was probably a casserole kind of gravy because not only was the gravy magic,so were the carrots. Yep,they were magic too. How lucky could a kid get....a auntie that made magic gravy and magic carrots! Yummy bliss!

I loved going to dinner at my aunties house. Especially on magic gravy day! I can still remember the mmmm of it.

And now I'm all grown up (kinda) and sometimes I make magic gravy and magic carrots and whenever I do,I think of my auntie.

I wonder if she ever knew how much her dinners meant to me and that I would still remember them when I was grown up with a family of my own.

And I wonder if she ever thought that I would remember her every time I made a casserole or that forever in my mind,gravy made with meat juices would be known as magic gravy and I would think about her. Just a simple everyday thing for my auntie to do but something that stuck in a little girls mind,forever.

It just goes to show doesn't it that we never quite know what memories will seep into our children's minds and stay there forever.

I wonder what will stick in my children's heads,what will they remember me doing ,what little thing will mean so much to them when they are grown up and doing things all their own way. Who knows. That's for them to discover. And probably I will never know what little legacies I have passed on. Just like my auntie doesn't know about her magic gravy....maybe I should tell her....

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