Friday, October 10, 2014

Splashy Week
Its been a rainy old week.
We have spent lots of time at school doing 
our activities and listening  to the sound of the rain on the canopy. 
I always find the sound of rain soothing and I like playing outside
so its been nice to do both things and stay dry!
Its not often we can do this and the children were quite bemused 
to be allowed outside in rainy weather.
School runs were soggy and it turned cold enough for the heating to be put on for the first time
since Spring.

The evenings were spent ploughing through Harry Potter.
We are on book three now.
Harry has met the Dementors and Sirius Black is on the loose.
Chips remains enthralled by this book
and so do I!
Reading stories has to be one of my favourite things about being a parent.
So many good stories to share!

I began to think about meal planning.
Whether that happens remains to be seen.
I think that it would be a good thing to do.
Its just that life seems to throw up things that make sticking to meal plans
rather hard for me.
Maybe I should just give it a go.

My favourite songs of the week have been Tom Odells Another Love ans Ed Sheerans Photograph.
These two songs have kept me company through many dark nights.

The uni kid is back for the weekend.
He's piled his dirty washing on the sofa and never has a pile of dirty washing been so fondly gazed at!
Unless you count the way that I smile at the red footy shirts.
My boys....even their dirty washing makes me smile!


  1. I am a big fan of meal planning. Saves money! Yay! Saves multiple trips to the grocery store! Yay! If you can look ahead, you can do things like set up a crock pot the night before! Yay! The only down side, as you mention, is making the predictability of meal planning fit the unpredictable things that happen. That's when I punt! And push a planned meal out to later in the week. Still worth it. :)

    1. Kate,thank you so much for your comment. It spurred me on to definitely try harder to put meal planning in place! And now I know that if it suddenly goes pear shaped one day,I can just put a punted meal there instead! Meal planning here I come!