Tuesday, October 28, 2014

List Love
I had been contemplating meal planning for a while.
Anything to make life easier and to help me reach the holy grail - organisation.

So early one morning,when it was dark outside and all was quiet inside,I began a list.

A list of all our usual meals,in the hope that I could create some kind of rota that made meal planning more feasible and not just every day of every week ending up with the same old meals.

I left my notepad out on the kitchen unit and got on with the 
usual school run/work stuff.
You know what mornings are like...busy.

As I got ready upstairs I could sense that Chips was not in the lounge.

''Where are you?'' I yelled down the stairs.

''In the kitchen,'' he replied.

''Keep getting ready,'' I yelped.

You have to use a big voice when you are upstairs
and your child is downstairs
a whisper just isn't going to achieve anything at all.

Five minutes later I rushed into the kitchen,bags flying everywhere,
tissues stuffed hastily into trouser pockets and the hairbrush being 
waved around like a lethal weapon.
I saw Chips hovering around my list but I did not think too much about it.
All that I wanted was for us to get out of the door as quickly as possible.

The morning passed in its usual blur.
Plenty of things to do.
Plenty of thoughts zooming around my head.

I got home and started to think what was next on the hit list and that was when I looked on my list and saw it.

There in very faint writing was a message from Chips.

And it said


Well that was it,Im not ashamed to say it brought a tear to my eye.

That little boy had found time to write me a note.

And what a sweet note it was.   

Very faint writing.

Very simple words.

Very powerful effect on a rushy,stressed out Mummy.

Thank you sweet Chips for caring so much.



  1. Oh that's just so wonderful Jess xx

    1. Thanks Hannah. It honestly made my day! xx

  2. Oh what a lovely, lovely message to find on your list. Precious moments.

    1. Thank you Louise! It was such a lovely moment to that I had to record it, Thanks for commenting and Im glad to have found your blog :-) x

  3. That's lovely - I thought you were going to say he'd written a list of food to buy!

    1. Hee! Now that would be something that the teens would do! Thanks for leaving a comment :-) x