Saturday, July 5, 2014

Picnic Day
"How are you going to get them to work after this?" I asked the teacher.

With a big smile on their face the teacher admitted that they were not quite sure!

It had been a day of fun for the whole school. The fundraising committee had decided that the children could have a treat and they had organised go karts and laser tag activities and to top it off it was the whole school picnic day,where all the school had their lunches on the school field and their parents,sisters,brothers,grandparents could come and picnic along with them.

When I arrived the field was a blaze of colour and movement. Picnic blankets were spread out everywhere and children darted about excitedly.

There is something comforting about a picnic,it's so nice to sit on a blanket under a tree,with your friends and eat yummy food.

And that's what we did.

Sat and munched our lunch with our family and friends. Food was shared round,some of us ate our picnic backwards - chocolate fingers before any savoury stuff,we compared freezer packs,we watched babies crawl around exploring grass for the first time,toddlers who had just mastered the art of walking and were now finding out what a big world it is out there,even in all the noise and hustle bustle there was a sense of peace,the children were so motivated and happy that I heard no squabbles at all.

Chips and his friend waited patiently in the que for the go karts that were whizzing around the playground. I wonder what they were thinking as they stood and watched those super fast go karts,it looked like they were deep in thought as they stood shoulder to shoulder talking away and occasionally pointing something out.

Their turn eventually came round and there were really big smiles on their faces as they negotiated the go karts around the track

In fact there were smiles on everybody's faces that afternoon - the kids smiled,the teachers smiled,the parents smiled,even the dinner ladies managed a smile and it must have been ultra stressful for them supervising the children with all that commotion going on! It was a smiley afternoon. And when you get a smiley afternoon it's good to save the memory,hence this blog post....

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