Thursday, July 3, 2014


Drinking tea under the trees,watching the boys play...for me this is such a state of utter blissness. It just doesn't get much better. Tea...trees and boys playing..,,perfect.

It was a rainy old day and a bit chill but nobody seemed to care.

Sharky ran around with the ball,blasting it as high as high could be. That ball got such a kicking today,I bet it's sore now!

Chips clambered up,down,through and along the vast wooden trim trail. He negotiated steps,tunnels,rope nets and slides and jumped off platforms and balanced across fallen trees with a real sense of balance.

I sat with a warm cup of tea in my hands and just watched the scene play out.

I don't think I could ever get fed up with watching my boys together,not ever. I love to see them play and interact. They are all so different and I love that too.

And I love woods and trees and cones and stones. We came back with a bag of treasures that I have transferred to my collection of natural stuff that I keep outside.

Just a quick blast of a trip but one that has left us feeling warm and cosy. 

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