Friday, May 23, 2014

School Holiday Fun
I saw that Show Us Your Life at Kellys Korner was talking about ideas to keep kiddiewinks busy during the summer hols so I thought I would toss a few ideas out.

 Obviously this is just a teeny tiny glimpse of the fun that can be had throughout the summer but hey it may give someone someone a nudge to think hey I can remember doing that as a kid,I hope its useful to someone somewhere.

Outdoor Fun
 Blowing bubbles
Washing up bottles filled with water to squirt - great fun
Rolling down hills
Painting with water - costs nothing and is great fun
Treasure hunts in sandpits etc
Chalk on the drive
Water flowers
Play in water and make footprints on the drive
Paint outside on big paper
Paint with squirty bottles see here
Go out early in the morning before it gets too hot and then chill in the afternoon
 Here is a early post I did about my 5 favourite kids toys 
Feed the ducks,cheap,cheery and fun
Play catch
Draw a hopscotch grid on the pavement

Indoor Activities
Make binoculars with toilet rolls
Make shakers with yogurt pots
Teddy bears picnics
Have a colour day,when you focus on one colour for food and activities
Teach children how to 'spread' - toast or bread
Make cress - so quick and easy to do
Out of empty plastic containers make boats
Good old Hide and Seek!
Set weekly challenges - how far can you run,how many hops can you do
kids love challenges!
Join summer reading schemes 
Write to famous people like authors,sports celebrities - sometimes you do get a response 
Look out for cheap cinema viewings
Visit a pet shop - always a fave
Indoor picnics on a rainy day
Make blanket tents
Start a savings account 
Comics,sticker books etc
Visit the £1 Shop and get 'supplies' kids love tacky stuff - A £1 shop find
Card games like Top Trumps or Snap
Bake - a long lost art!
This science activity surprised us all 
Dye pasta tubes and when they are dry thread them onto wool to make necklaces

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