Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Why do I watch the X Factor?!?
Why exactly do I watch the X Factor then?

I sometimes ponder that very statement!

Is it for the fantastic no definitely not!I could spend my time listening to people I really like singing songs I really like instead of people I hardly know murdering songs I really like.So it's NOT that reason.

Is it to see the fabulous judges...nope,not that either.To be honest since Simon went I don't think the judging panel is the same.
Tulisa is ok,Nicole I'm really not sure about,Gary annoys me most of the time and Louis,well he's just Louis isn't he!Same old Louis!Always getting the groups,always giving the same old comments,always sat nodding his head,he is so predictable it's untrue!

Is it because there is nothing else on the television on a Saturday night... nah.. because I would definitely prefer BBC 1 on a Saturday night...Strictly (where there is actually some talent on show) and Merlin would make me much happier than X Factor.

It could be Dermot!I do have a soft spot for Dermot! Hes just so lovely and kind and he hugs everybody and he's so tiny compared to most people,you just have to like Dermot!And I love that spin he does,to be fair Dermot is a perfectly good reason to watch the X Factor,but it's not the real reason I watch it.

The reason I watch the X Factor is simple... it's because of my boys.

They love watching the X Factor and so that's why I watch too.

It's family viewing on a Saturday night.We get all comfy,we discuss who we like and probably more important who we don't like!

We talk about the judges and we love the show on Sunday when we see who is going to get voted off,everybody sits round shouting names out and waiting to see if the judges will take it to the dreaded deadlock.

It builds connections with the teens and that's what I like and so while it may not be my number one choice of tv show I will carry on watching ( and that of course has nothing,absolutely nothing to do with Dermot O Leary at all!

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