Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Reading Club
Ever since I heard that our library were going to run a reading club I knew I wanted to go there with Chipmunk.  

We love our local library and we love books,so it simply sounded a win/win situation.
And it was!

We went with some of Chipmunks friends which made it even more special and the children literally skipped,ran and jumped all the way to the library.

When we arrived at the library there was some chairs arranged in a semi circle and the librarian was waiting in the middle.
She had a box full of books and DVDs and it did look very exciting.
I went and sat with my friend and the librarian started talking to the children.This months subject was film and so all the books were ones which were made into films.I heard lots of conversation between the children and the librarian and she seemed to be certainly making them think about books and the different types of stories and authors.

After the librarian had finished talking she gave the children a drink and a biscuit ( Chipmunk really liked this bit! ) and then the children were free to browse through the box and chose anything to take home.This was really good as the DVDs are usually 50p or a £1 for a week but with the book club they are free and you can keep them for a month,which is much more manageable than a week.
They all got word searches,colourings to take home and it was so good to see older children enjoying a book club.

Chipmunk choose a Tracy Beaker book to bring home ( I'm not sure I'm ready for him to read this book,I love Tracy Beaker but I think some of the things that are in the book are not what I want Chipmunk to know about yet) and he chose Charlie and The Chocolate Factory as his DVD.
His friend chose War Horse which he was so proud of,his mum has got some reading to do!

We had a fab time and will definitely be going back next month when the subject will be Science Fiction!
We can't wait!

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