Saturday, September 29, 2012

Friday Thoughts!
At the moment my thoughts are bad,I have just wrote quite a long blog post and then gone and lost it,I feel not good,triple,dipple,hundred and thousands of grrrrs not good!!!

Ah well onwards and upwards as they say.

The bit I wrote was just about rain,feeling damp constantly,virus,shivery,British weather,oh wondrous joy!

'Starts all over again'

This week at school Chipmunk has only had one little hiccup and the rest of the time he's done well.
He has win a great prize in the reading raffle ~ a book about the Olympics which is right up his street

His reputation as a mega bookworm continues!Hes always in the draw for prizes to do with reading.

There has been lots of interaction in his homeschool diary which I love.So fab to actually know what's going on in school and it does show a level of care.

I'm really impressed with his swimming lately it seems this new class is just the right level for Chipmunk and he is flourishing in there.
He is being taught to use his arms more effectively and one thing that I find remarkable is his floats,when he did a front float he looked just like a little star lying so still and flat on top of the water.My dad said it was a dead mans float,I prefer the term 'little star'

On Tuesday we had a trip to the dentist and yup it was raining,dare I say again, I loved to watch Sharky and Chipmunk run and splash in the puddles,the rain did not stop them one bit and as usual Sharky's enthusiasm was contagious as he ducked and dived his way there,hiding and jumping out from behind stuff,running across walls and leaping of,some things never change.
The actual check up at the dentist was ok,Chipmunks teeth are all growing perfectly which I'm very relieved at.I was a bit unsure about the gaps in his mouth left by the his baby teeth falling out but the dentist has reassured me that all his new teeth are coming through correctly,so I'm relieved.
The only ouch moment was when I had to pay for Tigers check up,lots of money for a five minute check up!But I want to keep the boys dentist visits up,so I guess I must budget for this now!

And that was my week.

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