Saturday, March 3, 2012

Chipmunks Reading - 6

During Chipmunks last year at infant school his reading improved by leaps and bounds.

 It was as if he had suddenly gained confidence and he just enjoyed it so much.

 So the more he enjoyed it,the more he read and the more he read the better he become.

He whizzed through his school reading books and I kept up with the brilliant library reading scheme books.

We also had picture books by the bucket load

And it goes without saying that bedtime stories ruled!

People started noticing how much Chipmunk had improved and he even won a 
special certificate at school for his outstanding reading!

Wow!Was this the little boy who we had all worried about at the beginning of term?

Yep,isn't it funny how sometimes things can change so quickly!

In part 6 I'm going to talk about where Chipmunk is now with his reading and it is good,really good!

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