Saturday, October 29, 2016

Spooky Going Ons.
When you go down to the woods today be sure of a big surprise!
 For hidden in this beautiful place
There are these...
spooks hidden in the trees!

On Tuesday we went on a Halloween trail at a local country park.
And you know what,it was not as easy as peasy!
In fact clue number three had us foxed completely
and we had to go back to find it!

It was good fun though and the park was full of children holding trails,
collecting clues so that they could get a nice bit of spooky chocolate
as their prize!
There were nine clues in all and they led us all around the park,
which was quite a walk.

One of my favourite spooks was this one;

A long pointed nose and tall pointed hat,
I fly on my broomstick with my little black cat.
I cast my spells over boil and bubble,
Ready to cause a whole lot of trouble!
I was a bit upset as my camera battery ran out as soon as we entered the park
but luckily I had a tiny bit of space left on my trusty phone. I need never ending
photo space and a never ending battery too and I bet I'm not the only person
who thinks that!

After we had finished the trail and some lucky person had eaten all
their hard won chocolate we went to feed the ducks.
I would like to say this was peaceful but the poor old ducks were so
under attack from the gulls it was horrible to watch.
The gulls around the park are really vicious, poor little ducks.
The poor ducks hiding from the gulls.
It was a nice afternoons walk.


  1. That looks really fun Jess bet you all enjoyed yourselves. So glad your phone saved you mine did that as i went around the Harry Potter tour, I panicked! Hope you've all had a good half term x

    1. Hi Hannah,phones come in handy don't they! I can only imagine how you felt when that happened at the Harry Potter Tour ~ total panic I can imagine! I made sure that for the rest of half term my camera batteries were fully charged :-)
      We had a lovely half term but now it seems like forever away! Funny how time does that! Have a lovely weekend with the Mini Cupcakes x