Thursday, October 29, 2015

Seaside Day - Blackpool
"One thing that you have to know," I said to Chips,as we were thinking about our trip to the seaside, "its really cold at Blackpool."

And it was. 

When we got to the beach the wind was more than blustery and bitterly cold. It blew the hood of my coat up without me even asking it too,that was a blessing though because soon after that the rain came lashing down and for a moment the coldness nearly took our breath away. 

I almost grinned. It seemed Blackpool had not changed a bit. 

We quickly headed to the nearest dry place,which was the amusement arcade on the pier. 

Luckily the rain did not last long and we were able to venture out onto the 
incredibly slippery pier to look at the sea. 
On the pier things were much calmer. It was still busy and so very slippery but the sea was making that lovely sea noise that I love so much and the sun was treating everybody to a beautiful array of colours as it set for the night. 
We walked right to the very end of the pier and watched the sun until it disappeared behind a cloud,even then the view was beautiful 
Chips liked the pier. He had a look through one of those telescopes that are always at seaside places but never seem to work as well as you would like them too,he dangled his leg through the railings as if to say hey look at me...scared...nah,and then we found the fair rides. 

We decided against the big wheel and the ride that went up and bobbed you around really fast and jerkily,instead we chose the Waltzer. And that my friends was the beginning of the survival of the fittest. 

First go ~ we stood and waited and then when the ride stopped we dashed up the rickety,slippery steps and didn't get a chair. 

Second go ~ we were right near the front this time so we felt more confident about getting a chair. The barriers went up,we went as fast as we could go and we got a chair! Woohoo! And then the fairground man said we had to have a ticket and we could not pay in the car (even though all the signs said we could pay in the car) so we sadly got out of our hard fought for chair and trudged off to buy tickets. 

Third go ~ with our tickets clutched tightly in our hands we rejoined the group of people surrounding the waltzer. We were disheartened by now but as the barrier opened we clambered up the steps,again,and Chips got his hand on a chair but so did a girl and she jumped infront of Chips and claimed the chair. And then her 87 year old grandma got in the chair with the girl! We were beat to the chairs by an 87 year old grandma!

 This was bad. We stomped down the silver,slippery steps again,feeling very miffed. We nearly gave up. But I had those expensive tickets in my hand and we were not going to waste them. I had to grin,slightly,at being beaten by an incredibly old grandma. My thoughts,eventually,was that she was doing really well if she could even get up the steep,slippery steps at her age,never mind attempt to go on a Waltzer ride. May I be doing that at her age please! 

Fourth go ~ we got a chair! Thank the Lord. 

And the ride was good! Fast and twirly. It made us squeal. Chips said I squealed louder than him but I don't believe that,at all. Would I squeal louder than my,definitely not. 

We headed off the pier and went to look at the illuminations,shops and amusement arcades. 
It was quickly dropping dark and very busy on the Main Street. We popped into an arcade and Chips had a go in the 2p machines,we then wandered up the street and looked at the illuminations,which were as good as ever. 
 We then popped into a little bingo hall and played 10p bingo. This was really cool! The bingo caller was a friendly chap who made everyone welcome. We did not win but it was a break from the crowded streets and it was good fun. 

The night ended with a bag of salty seaside chips. 

We really liked Blackpool. It was a great start to the half term holidays. I'll leave you with one of my favourite photos....the sea,a sunset and my boy.  


  1. Sounds like a great day out at the seaside. I can just taste those chips too. Mmm!

    1. It was a great day out at the seaside. I cant get enough of the sea,so any chance to see it is great and when at the seaside it seems the thing to do is to eat chips,yum!

  2. What a lovely day out. I had to laugh at the grandma beating you to it but how frustrating! I'm not sure I could bare the cold to be honest but it does look lovely especially in the night! X

    1. Hi Hannah,it was a lovely day out. As for being beaten by the fastest 87year old ever,I will just have to up my game and learn to run faster! #maybe