Tuesday, September 22, 2015

It took Chips under 4 minutes to fall asleep tonight,it's been a busy day.
 Up at eight,after a week of settling into his new school,and then a trip to the library,breakfast out,the weekly shopping trip and that was just the morning.
 In the afternoon we had swimming lessons and then a family party at five,busy,busy busy but good too. 

I've spent most of the time people watching.
 Catching smiles. 
Taking in the interaction between members of the family,the chatter,the laughter,the casual way they sit together squeezed two to a chair made for one,perched on the arm of a settee,sat on the stairs,sitting on the floor colouring and rolling cars to each other,taking crisps so carefully off a party plate that consisted entirely of crisps,stood in a line holding plates of party food waiting for a chair to become available and then diving to get it. 
Some people got chocolate cake all over,some people ate two dishes of chocolate cake.

It was noisy and voices drifted all around the room,voices of family,the people I love. 

Sometimes,when you are quiet you end up seeing and hearing a lot.
 And the memories stick in your head.
 You feel the vibe of the room.
 And that's what happened today. 


  1. Lovely post Jess. So evocative and full of those little details that we only notice if we stop and watch. I'm glad you had a lovely day after the turmoil you had last week. Vx

    1. Thank you Vickie :-) Your comment really made my day! School is still being a bit tricky,so many new things for Chip and me to take on board. I'm hoping that things will get easier as he settles into this new phase of schooling ~ fingers crossed! x

  2. I love people watching. Beautifully written Jess xx

    1. Thanks so much Hannah,I have been smiling big style at your lovely comment! As for people watching.....I'm all for it! x