Friday, April 19, 2013

 Icy Science

This week I decided to do a science experiment for my contribution to Jennie's Messy Play For Matilda Mae.
I told Chips that we would be doing some science and he was intrigued.
So was everybody else when I went scurrying around freezing coloured water and precariously trying to balance it in the freezer,especially when some of the coloured water was black!
The day of the experiment I met Chips out of school and it was one of the first things he said to me "Are we doing the science later?"
I was impressed with this and had a silent smile as I knew some of my aim had been achieved...I had got him thinking about something other than the x box!
So after tea we started...first filling the bowls

One had cold water in,one had lukewarm water in and the middle one had boiling water in!
We then got the ice out

and Chips had a slippery time trying to control the ice cubes.
Our aim was to see which water melted the ice the quickest and Chips was able to predict this but the fun was in the watching!

In the cold water the ice stayed in its cube shape

In the lukewarm water the ice began to quickly change shape and melt

But in the boiling water,wow,it immediately disappeared.Yep right before your eyes...gone!

And all that was left was a inky black mess.

Chips loved this!And he began to add more ice.

We found out the bigger the chunks of ice,the longer they took to melt,even in the boiling hot water!

The house began to smell of lemon and almonds as I had added essence to the ice and it smelled delicious!Even when Chops was in bed I could still smell the fun we had had!

His older brother was intrigued too and kept poking his head over to monitor what was going on.

The last ice cube left was this little blue one

And we watched it melt away until it was no more.

It was such a nice thing to do.

Yes it did take a bit of preparation and it did take some packing away and yep it was definitely messy.Someone spilt black water all over the table cloth and however we didn't have a major splash with the water I'll never know as we are messy pups but it was worth it!Chips is still talking about it now,three days later.And the language it promoted was brilliant,alongside the maths and science concepts it taught and all through play,which is the best way of all in my books. 

Linking up with Jennie at Edspire for Messy Play For Matilda Mae 

Cant wait to see what everybody else has been conjuring up this week


  1. That's very cool. Excuse the pun. Off to find the food colouring...

    1. It was cool.well the boiling water was anything but cool,fun was definitely had!

  2. Great idea to get older kids involved!

    1. Yes Im going to do messy play for older kids!And I will make it work,Im determined too :-)

  3. Brilliant - my 4yo would love this... Adding it to my list! #MessyPlay

    1. Glad you liked it Sara.Im pondering whether to compile a messy playlist,it could be a valuable resource,all good messy play ideas in one place.

  4. Such fun - playing with ice is one of our very favourite tuff spot things to do :)

    1. Evening Jen!Ice is so fascinating isnt it!It melts and freezes and you can hide things in it and its oh so cheap too!That has to be a advantage!

  5. We love ice play too, so simple but fun. I never thought to add scents to the water, will definitely try that next time

    1. Hi Susanne,the scents were brill!All evening long the house smelled lovely and reminded me of the fun that we had,had.

  6. I've been meaning to do ice play for ages! Great simple science