Saturday, September 1, 2012

Six Word Saturday

My six words this week describe me and my morning routine...

Radio On,Cuppa,Biscuit To Dunk

I have enjoyed this simple routine during the school holidays.
No mad rush to get out the door,no sandwich boxes to make,no waking sleepy children and hurriedly packing school and work bags up.

Yes I may still have been bleary eyed somedays,like today for instance as I make a early morning cuppa for my paper boy before he sets off on his round.

But it's a easier sort of bleary if you know what I mean.

I can snuggle up in my dressing gown and the pace is definitely slower.

I have had fun listening to the radio and joining in guessing the Golden Hour each morning,sometimes I have even got the years right,mostly I get them wrong!Chipmunk will always dash in saying,

"Mummy,it's the Golden Hour"

And off I will go again trying to work out which years the songs were in the charts,I like it and you can tweet the answers up to Smooth Radio so it's very interactive.

I like listening to the Our Tunes that they play on the radio too,stories of people's life's and the song that means something to them.I always get a bit teary about these stories though,so I'm not sure they are so good for me!

I can only have this routine in the school hols tho,as I'm at work when the Golden Hour and Our Tune are on usually.

Oh and the biscuits I dunk are Rich Tea Or Digestives and yes,mostly they do snap and fall into my very large mug and leave a horrible sunken mess at the bottom of the mug,which if I have the misfortune to drink causes me to nearly choke!
The gain is worth the pain tho and I still dunk!

Right off I go,my mug of tea is calling...

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  1. I have mellowed just reading this :)

  2. Me & my coffee enjoyed this, Thanks.

  3. Now I have a craving for biscuits, dunked in tea! Have a lovely and relaxed Saturday.

  4. Jess, if you get up with Paper Boy then you are up awfully early. Better have youself a cuppa and a biscuit (I know, you just said that). BTW, we just finished our last McVities Chocolate Biscuit. Mrs. Jim and I shared it.

  5. i'm reading a book set in Aberdeen, Scotland and they are always looking for a cuppa and a biscuit! made me smile....

  6. Yay! Sludgy digestives in the bottom of your mug. Great with cheese too, a bit later in the day.

  7. I love slower mornings like this too, Jess, it's just nice to take our time and relax a bit instead of rushing about to get ready and go! I think all mornings should start two hours later, but I suppose we would just take advantage of the extra time to sleep!